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Why is Website Speed important and how can it influence on search results?

Page Speed is normally confused with “Site Speed,” which is in fact the page speed for a sample of page views on a site. Page speed can be explained in either “web page load time” (the time it takes to fully display the content on a specific page) or “time to 1st byte” (how long it takes for your internet browser to receive the 1st byte of info from the web server).

No matter how you measure it, a faster Website Speed is better. Many people have found that faster Websites both rank and convert better.

Google uses a large number of factors to regulate how to rank Search Engine. Typically, these elements are either linked to this content of a Website itself (the written text, its URL, the titles and headers, etc.) or had been measurements of the authenticity of the Web page itself (age of the domain name, number and quality of inbound links, etc.). However, in 2010, Google did something very different. Google announced Site Speed would start having an impact on search ranking. Right now, the speed at which someone could look at the content from a search effect would be a factor.

Unfortunately, the precise definition of “Website Speed” remained open to speculation. The mystery widened additional in June, when Google’s Matt Cutts announced that slow-performing websites would soon be penalized in search rankings as well.

Clearly Google is progressively acting upon what is intuitively obvious: A poor performing Website results in a poor user experience, and Websites with poor user performance deserve less promotion in search results.

Check Your Website page speed loading

Improve WordPress speed loading service

  • analyze your WordPress
  • fix and improve scripts working
  • images optimization (size reduction without loss of quality and enabling lazy load)
  • install and setup one of the best cache engine
  • clean and optimization Website database
  • increase page speed loading for fast working and better SEO
  • setup free Cloudflare CDN – for more secure, stable, fast loading in any place and 100% all time online
    (if your hosting support it)

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