WordPress Website security

wordpress security - WordPress Website security

You may think that your site has not something interesting or valuable information for hackers, if You have, for example, blog, small corporate website with information about your company or any small on shop. Perhaps, You can say: “I haven’t nothing interests for hackers and I don’t need pay for security services”.
But it is not true.

WordPress optimization for Search Engines and Social Media

wordpress seo 2panda - WordPress optimization for Search Engines and Social Media

Search Engines are smart, but they still need help. The major engines are always working to improve their technology to crawl the web or net deeper and return better results to users. On the other hand, there exists a limit to how Search Engines can operate. Whereas the good SEO can net you a large number of users visits and increased interest, the wrong techniques can hide or bury your website deep in the search results where visibility is little.

WordPress speed loading optimization

wordpress page speed 2panda 2 - WordPress speed loading optimization

Page Speed is normally confused with “Site Speed,” which is in fact the page speed for a sample of page views on a site. Page speed can be explained in either “web page load time” (the time it takes to fully display the content on a specific page) or “time to 1st byte” (how long it takes for your internet browser to receive the 1st byte of info from the web server).

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